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Learn the Law

I am offering a 5 DVD and 1 CD-ROM package for those interested in studying the issues of Sovereignty, Common Law, the U.S. Constitution, the current MONETARY state of affairs, and how to put a defense or offense on in the current Court System. While this is somewhat California specific, there is a lot of information that applies no matter where you are, and even what country live in. I encourage everyone out there to gather in groups locally and study the laws pertaining to their local area, as you will find there is plenty of information that protects the people against the abuse of authority by the Government. Unfortunately if you believe most of what you hear and see on the Media today, it may be disturbing to start investigating the information I present. A lot of what I present in this package is available [free] on my you-tube channel. I have redone and improved the how to proceed in court videos. What isn't available is the approximately 650 MB's of information on the CD-ROM that has all of what I use in the way of court case cites and areas of interest, I enter into my court cases. There is paperwork examples I have filed into court cases to study. I can't present that information easily on the net as far as I can tell. The DVD s have about 8 hours each in compressed format [the quality is slightly less than 'excellent' but you get a lot more information]. I will mail this packaged set with a pocket U.S. Constitution to you for a 'donation' of 2 ounces of silver [or it's equivalent value in FRN's (federal reserve notes) to purchase silver] and receipt of this information, which is not 'legal advice' as far as I know, as I am not a 'licensed' attorney and therefore have no knowledge of what 'legal advice' is (I am a law researcher), will be stipulation to not sue me or anyone connected with this information for any reason, and the same applies to anyone you give this information to. I have not found many sources that provide information to help someone understand the process that occurs in the courts today and because of this the people are at the mercy of the attorneys and the court system. They routinely receive judgments against them because they are unaware of how to defend themselves, what the law actually is [which is seldom what you are charged with] and even if you do get an attorney, the attorney is beholden to the court [through oath] and seldom uses every defense available to the individual and will never challenge the authority of the court officers. The DVD's have: DVD#1;[Status Disc] (1.) Status: Sovereign or Slave, 2.) Republican Form of Government, (3) US Constitution, (4) John Harris- Illusions (5) Redemption/Strawman, (6) World we Live In, (7) Smedley Butler portrayal, (8) Story of Enslavement,(9) US is a Corp,(10) Kymatica, (11) Edwin Viera, (12) Expatriation, (13) FAQ's,(14) Consequences, (15) Dog$, (16) Just-Us. DVD #2, Bill T. 'Show Me the Law [IRS] approx. 9 hours. DVD # 3, Carl Miller (approx. 5 hours). CD ROM> 'Law Genie', Approx. 450MB's of reading material and court cites to build court documents with, such as example filings. This is what I use for my Court docs. DVD #4, [Money Disc] (1.) Zietgiest, (2.) American Dream, (3) Foreclosure , (4) Foreclosure 2, (5) Foreclosure Securitization, (6) Money Matrix (7) IRS explored, (8) Freedom to Fascism, (9) Manage your Money. DVD #5 [Law Disc]; (1) Beat your ticket, (2) Courts are not the Government, (3) Be your own lawyer, (4) Statutory Pleading, (5) Common Law Pleading, (6) Enforcement Liens, (7) Using Law Genie,(8) Corrupt LA judges,(9) Court Role Play, (10) Court Case won, (11) gathering evidence. So about 40 hours of various video and plenty of stuff to read on the CD. As far as I know, none of this information is copyrighted as everything listed is available for free (other than some of my shows) on the internet, and it is not my intention to distribute it for profit just to allow people to witness it without having to look all over for it. My productions are: All Rights Reserved, re: Common law copyright. The donation is for my CD Rom of research and collection of information. For more information contact me @:

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Creative movie making

I've been playing, here's the evidence:

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Your Bank under the guidelines of the Federal Reserve created the 'money' they advanced to you on 'closing' from 'thin air' without any Constitutional law or statutory law(Article 1, section 8, 10). I went to the Bank and signed a 'promissory note' that said 'for a loan I have recieved' (yet they didn't describe anywhere in that note what that 'loan' was) I would create a debt to them of say $150,000. The promissory note is a negotiable instrument like a check, having the necessary aspects like: a signature, a date, an amount and who to give the money to. The Bank deposited this check but didn't give you a deposit slip showing your deposit. They issued the seller a check from this account you had created and the balance sheet became '0'. See Bank1 The federal reserve creates money from thin air and calls it "fractional resereve banking" see
Fed. The Beneficiary of 90% of the mortgages is MERS and the Kansas Supreme court stated that Mers has no authority to order a 'trustee sale'.
An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth (maxim of law), so lets send the 'lender', 'trustee', and 'beneficicary' each a package that requests them to substantiate a lawful contract, that they gave any 'consideration', that they could suffer a 'loss' if not paid back the alleged 'debt', etc. Give them a time period and when they don't respond (and they won't) send them a 'Notice of Default'. See my info and docs here.
We the People have the Power. God has original jurisdiction (control) over the creation, Man (woman are equal) as Grantor/Beneficiary has jurisdiction over his creation, the U.S. and States Constitutions, that in turn have jurisdiction over the Governments they created. The Governments have jurisdiction over the Corporations who exist to serve the people. The agents of the Government are 'trustees' of the Public Trust to serve the people. We the people are Sovereign as stated in this Supreme Court Decision:
" the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects...with none to govern but themselves....". CHISHOLM v. GEORGIA (US) 2 Dall 419, 454, 1 L Ed 440, 455 @DALL (1793) pp471-472. See more sovereignty law here
We live in a Republic, not a democracy. In a Democracy if 51% of your neighbors decide to take your children or your house they have the lawful right. In a Republic everyone is ruled by Law and if 90% of the neighbors decide to take your house they can't because you have RIGHTS. Rights aren't priveleges. Priveleges can be diminished, can be taken away. Rights can not be taken away or taxed, or diminished. Imagine if the 'right' of free speech could be diminished. The policeman comes up to the man on the soap box and states "that'll be $20 for the next hour of speech, man". We are all equal under the law and therefor we stand by our rights, but we have to demand them. One more powerful thing you can do to protect your property rights is put a land patent on your property. Go to Bill Thorntons' site (on his main site click HOME) where you can search his entire site by typing into the box available. Type Land Patent and read. Once you have perfected a Land Patent even the government cant take your property, or tax your property. Your labor has substantive value, Federal Reserve Notes have no value so you are the only one who has paid anything of value for your property.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Law and how to use it to keep your public servants honest.
First always sign "under duress" or "without prejudice" above your signature and By: to the left of your signature. 'Under duress' voids your signature, Without Prejudice reserves your rights and the UCC states just requesting to sign with a qualifier attached to your signature is enough to retain that qualification. Putting By: separates any liability from the signer to anything stated above in the writing. Next realize that a maxim of law states "an unrebutted affidavit stands as truth". This is a very powerful tool to use in court. An affidavit is your declaration of events or ideas about things that is Notarized in the form of a JURAT, or witnessed by 3 men of good standing. I'd go with the Notary for better effect. To see an example of an Affidavit or other Lawful forms see AndyJackson | Scribd.
If you send in an affidavit and they refuse to respond to it in the specified time, say 14 calendar days with a written rebuttal to your points, signed by a man/woman, they can loose the right to rebut these points in the future. Next, after they fail to rebut your points, you send in a Notice of Default. This is docmument number 2. They fail to respond and who looks bad in court. How do they deny they recieved 2 documents and didn't respond to either one? This is the exact technique used by the IRS against the People. Dear Taxpayer.... right off they are calling you a taxpayer, did you rebut their presumption that you are indeed a 'taxpayer'? I would ask them to show the factual evidence to support their assertion that you are a 'taxpayer', that you owe any money to them, that they have jurisdiction over you, etc. If you send them an affidavit stating you are not a taxpayer, an employee of the corporation doing business as UNITED STATES, but are a flesh and Blood man/woman of the Republic of [Your State- they are all Republics]. Now if they fail to rebut your statements they loose. Study the Common Law. It is the Law referred to in the Constitution when just Law is stated. Common Law is very easy to remember it is only 1 (one) law: "don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you". If you injure your fellow countryman you will have to answer for it. You can't injure the STATE. The STATE is a corporation, a corporation doesnt have any hands to sign, or eyes to see, it is a fictional entity in the minds of people but is not a reality of substance.
Documentation is everything in court. After a telephone conversation always send a letter noting what was said in the conversation and date it. The other side will rarely dispute your letter but monthes later in court their rebuttal will be ineffectual when you bring forth your letter to them and they didn't dispute in a letter of their own.
Next you only win if your evidence is locked up tight. Always send important documents with a 'Proof of Service', by Certified or Registered Mail. That way you have a 'witness' who can testify in court they put those documents into an envelope and mailed them. You have the Post Office, which no attorney will ever question, stating they delivered the documents at 11.14 am on tuesday morning (for example). If you don't make your case airtight they will lie, cheat and work against you anyway they can. Make copies of everything you send, and if going to court bring a 3 copies of everything, that have been file stamped by the clerk (showing you entered them into the record) to give to the judge who may 'lose' them, and the Prosecutor who may claim he never got them either.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things I should have learned in school

I believe I should have been taught what I now consider to be the most important lessons in life, the knowledge of what my rights are, and how to use the Law to retain them. Beginning in 10th grade in civics, it should be emphasized over and over what the meaning of the Constitution of the United States is. What the founding fathers labored over when putting each and every word in and the effect of those words upon every man and woman in this country. With a firm understanding of what our inalienable rights are, we could go forth and make something fruitful happen for both our communities and ourselves. Rights can’t be taxed. If they could then they would be privileges and not rights and could be controlled thru taxation. There will always be those who would abuse others to benefit themselves. The only thing stopping this abuse from happening is our refusal to allow it. A little play-acting in school would quickly bring home this aspect of real life. When a bully threatens you, to get you to give up your lunch money, [it] will continue forever and may even become more severe, until we fight back.

Every tribe of humans develops rules of society for the benefit of the tribe’s survival. Not adhering to those rules has consequences. We can think of these rules as Laws. The 10 commandments are just such 'laws'. Today, things are vastly different to life thousands of years ago, yet there are many of the same issues also. When the bible decries the villainy of the “money changer” who shaved the gold coins for gain, or used rigged scales, we can see it is still the same.

The general rights we have, as listed in the Constitutions of the United States and the several States can be circumvented by specific actions we engage in. If you sign a contract that allows your boss to look at your computer files at home, that contract has more authority than the “general” right to privacy outlined in the 4th amendment. Lawyers have sought to take advantage of this aspect of 'contractual agreements' to deceive us into giving our rights away. Why does any contract need to be more than 1 page long and in type no smaller than 10point? If the law made all contracts void, for not fitting those guidelines it would eliminate a great many evils. The next point I would have wished to have been taught at school is that my signature on contracts can be very detrimental to my future and should not be taken lightly. I have the right to redact (cross out) any statements on the contract that I don’t like. The issuer can retract and not offer the contract but can’t make me sign to anything not in my best interests. And lastly, to very easily and simply protect my rights all I have to do is put the words “without prejudice” or “all rights reserved” or “under duress” above my signature and it will retain all my rights. Now, under duress and coercion is saying someone had undo pressure on me to sign, so I like “without prejudice”. Next, if you sign a legal document and you put [By:] to the left of your name it separates you from any liability created in the above document.

Now let’s look at how the average man is ensnared without realizing it in today’s society. And let’s note that we are talking about a 'society' we never joined, the Law Society. First, we are born. Yes that’s right, our parent sign a document called the “birth” certificate as an ‘informant’ (look on your certificate of live birth) and your footprint is placed on the back. Without your consent you were entered into the 'system' where the Government could start to borrow money against your future earnings based on this document. The submission (to submit) of an [application] (in Blacks law dictionary this means “to beg”) for a marriage license (a privilege granted by the STATE) gives the state the superior title to your marriage and likewise, the results of your union (children). What on earth do we receive as a benefit for getting this “license” to wed? Why not just have a service with your preacher swearing (and signing) a contract between you and your love that accomplishes the same thing and then have the wife change her name (you don’t have to legally do anything but start calling yourself the new name) and voila!, your married. This would keep Child Protective Services from being able to 'take' your property (your child). Next up we decide that since every boss needs a social security card number so we go ahead and get one of those even though it’s supposedly not required (that is what the law says-NO REQUIREMENT). When we do, we again are in the ‘system’. Then we submit (sumission) an application (to beg) for a ‘drivers license’ because we are told by everyone that it is illegal to drive without one. Well interestingly, we are never told that the C1 (commercial) license is only required if you are engaged in commerce on the road. Why is it we have ‘passengers’ in our car? think of trains, planes, and ships- they have passengers, passengers PAY to be hauled around. We have ‘guests’ in our car (not motor vehicle) they don’t pay us thus we aren’t using our car in a ‘commercial’ capacity. If you are being paid to 'drive' then you ARE required to have a C1 or 2 or 3 license, (because congress can regulate interstate commerce) but if you aren’t you don’t need one. Once again we submit an application for a vehicle “registration” wherein we are not told by the STATE (a corporation Doing Business As….) they will now have superior title to the vehicle we PAID FOR. If you don’t believe it then explain why the STATE has the right to take our property without due process (a court decision) for expired registration tags or a DUI ticket? One can only take what one owns, and they own it because we “voluntarily” gave it to them. The same goes for your real estate holdings. Remember when we talked about not taxing rights? In the California constitution of 1879, article 1, section 1: “All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.” Now why are there property taxes if owning property is a right? If we owned it in allodial status which can be done if we get a ‘land patent’ on it, then we would be immune from property taxes. Has anyone ever told us about this? Isn’t it the job of the government to tell us what are options are? Even though the government is supposedly the servants of the Sovereign people they act like we are their servants instead. How about this: "It is the public policy of this state that public agencies exist to aid in the conduct of the people's business....The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them." California Government Code, Section 11120. Or numerous law case decisions like these: " the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects...with none to govern but themselves....". CHISHOLM v. GEORGIA (US) 2 Dall 419, 454, 1 L Ed 440, 455 @DALL (1793) pp471-472. And: "The people of this State, as the successors of its former sovereign, are entitled to all the rights which formerly belonged to the King by his prerogative." Lansing v. Smith, 4 Wend. 9 (N.Y.) (1829), 21 Am.Dec. 89 10C Const. Law Sec. 298; 18 C Em.Dom. Sec. 3, 228; 37 C Nav.Wat. Sec. 219; Nuls Sec. 167; 48 C Wharves Sec. 3, 7.

So we see we are Kings and just don’t know it. But how does a group of devious individuals get the sovereigns to believe they are slaves? How about through signing away their rights unknowingly? Let’s talk about Money. Under the Constitution in Article 1, section 8, congress is authorized to “coin money and set the value thereof”, and again in section 10; no state can “make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of a debt”, now just think about that. The only way the Constitution can be changed is thru an amendment, which ¾ of all the states ratify. The Constitution is a “limitation” on government and it’s usurpation of power. If only Congress can coin money can they give that authority to a private corporation like the Federal Reserve? NO, not anymore than they can give their authority to “declare war” to Halliburton! So when congress gave that right to “create money out of thin air and loan it out” to the Fed they committed an act of Treason. Why treason? Because the Fed is owned mostly by foreign bankers. Every corporation is required to list its owners but no one can find an ownership statement for the creation of the Fed. Every note (promissory note) brought forth by the Fed is created as a ‘loan’. But the interest is not created at the same time, so HOW is the debt going to ever be repaid? It cant’ be, and just like musical chairs, someone will be left foreclosed upon, without the physical ability to pay. So how does this leviathan operate? Lets look at a house purchase. You find a house to buy and are eager to get a loan because you can’t afford it without one. Think about this for a minute, what would the house cost if it weren’t for Banks issuing credit? The true cost of a house in materials and labor is somewhere around $80K (+the land), yet here in Cali they go for $500K when the tide is high. So we sit down and sign a promissory note (to pay) and we are issued a Trust Deed showing the ownership of the home is with the Bank until we pay off the Bank. Actually the Bank takes the Promissory note which is nothing more than a “check” with our signature on it (and our name in all capital letters also) and deposits the full amount signed for. We then through our signature became “owners” of the house but we agreed to a “mortgage” also. The Bank sells the “mortgage” also, for full face value. Thus we pay twice + interest for the house. Answer this, why if there is a Mortgage (signed) that won’t release interest in the property until the debt is paid do you need a promissory note (signed) also? Especially one that states you “waive the right to ask for any presentments” The next thing woefully deficient in our education is that since contracts are so important shouldn’t we be aware of the fundamental elements of a lawful contract? First there has to be an ‘offer’ and ‘acceptance’ wherein it is clear what is being offered and accepted (nothing hidden). This is called a “meeting of the minds”. Second there has to be 2 or more parties with “wet-ink” signatures on the contract. If only one party signs it’s a unilateral contract, and easily voidable. Third there has to be “consideration” exchanged. Something of value is given and received by each party. And fourth it has to be legal; you can’t have a contract to commit a crime. The Home loan fails badly in these requirements because the factual notice of what occurs financially is left out. They never tell you that they created the money being “loaned” to you out of thin air, they never tell you your signature brought the money into existence and you paid for the house with it. See the credit river decision: HERE for a case wherein the judge ruled that the Bank had no Constitutional authority to create money out of thin air and to call it “consideration” whereas the homeowner (being foreclosed upon) had given “consideration” in the form of his labor (exchanged for money) and paid to the Bank. Next there are never any signatures on the Bank papers except yours-why, because it would be legally ‘fraud’ and they don’t want to go to jail. This same process occurs with every loan we get, such as a credit card or car. It is our signature that ‘creates’ the money that funds the purchases and if you send a letter to the credit card company offering to pay any monies owed by you upon proof of financial loss on their part by fiduciary accounting – they will not be able to show you the loss and thus prove you have no debt to them. All the money you send in has real value, because you had to exchange labor for it, whereas all the money they sent you has no value because they “created” it from thin air. The real loser in this scheme is the population who now has had the total amount of money in circulation increased as a result of the money created, making their savings worth less and the empire builder (the Fed) becomes larger. One more thing, any debt collector is a ‘third party’ and since you have NO contract with them, they have absolutely no authority over you. Ask them to show you the contract you have with them, or leave you alone, or be charged with fraud.

Lets move on to the IRS. These thugs are the collection agency for the International Monetary Fund, they are not a federal agency as is proved in a court case I’ve seen wherein the DOJ stated as much. The Internal Revenue Code is Title 26 and has never been enacted into Law by congress and nowhere in the code is the word “income” defined. The Eighth circuit court of appeals said: “the general term ‘income’ is not defined in the Internal Revenue Code” U.S. vs. Ballard (1976). If you follow the supposed code thru Pete Hendrickson’s’ book “Cracking the Code”, see: THIS you are not liable for a tax on your ‘reciepts’ for labor unless you work for the Federal Government. Everyone has a “right” to work and rights cant be taxed. The jurisdiction of ‘laws’ created by congress, extends only to Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, The Virgin Islands and American Samoa. If you believe the FBI, FEMA, ATF, etc. have any jurisdiction to operate within a state you are wrong. If you call the sheriff he can arrest any one of them for violating your rights (although he probably will fear them as you do). If you want to stop paying taxes and get everything back including Social Security and Medicare payments, I suggest you apply Pete’s methods and include a revocation of Power of Attorney and a declaration of your being ‘one of the people’ of whatever sovereign republic state you live in. There is a lot to read up on before you become aware of the ploys used by the government but they are just that ploys, and not laws. All trials ending in convictions for tax protesters are gotten through juries not knowing the actual laws and listening to judges who “manage” them by their “instructions”. Even with that the government is facing an avalanche of tax revolt, notice in this article where it states ½ of the citizens don’t pay taxes in America: . So if it’s not fear, why do we pay taxes? Is fear and threats of abuse a good reason to violate “thou shall not steal” or are those ‘people’ in government exempt from the laws applying to theft? The common excuse put forth by the government is that it operates under the authority given them by the people. Well, if I can’t steal from my neighbor, exactly how did I give something I don’t posses to the government? I know I don’t pay taxes, and feel it is theft. The government won’t allow you to argue in court the ‘income tax’ is unconstitutional, or the 5th amendment protects me from testifying against myself, or I have a right to privacy in my papers, and whatever you do argue, the government in court (and believe me there is a major conflict of interest going on when the judges salary is hinged on your case) won’t tell you –WHY you’re wrong, and where you are mistaken in your case. In any other court case the plaintiff (complainer) has to outline the injury, provide facts and witnesses supporting the fact of the injury (who, what, where, when, how, and why) and seek damages. But the government magically is immune from describing any actual factual evidence where their claim comes from. Look at any tax protester case and you will be amazed at reading the transcripts how the IRS agents that are witnesses are protected from answering pertinent questions by the “fair and impartial’ judge. In Irwin Schiffs transcripts it shows judge Dawson refusing to allow any Supreme Court decisions in [His] court by Irwin. Keep in mind this is a Federal Court they are pleading in and you have to wonder how the ‘Law of the Land’ was suspended by this judge and [he] not be hung for treason.

Now how would your life be different if you didn’t have the IRS in your life? (this country got by for 125 years without one), and no Federal Reserve inflating the money supply and causing all the wealth in this country to funnel it’s way back to them. They actually are the true masters because they required the Federal government to pay the interest on the money (created from thin air) loaned to it, in actual gold. As the Federal government went bankrupt in 1933 (ran out of gold) and turned over control to the Fed then. Look up House Joint Resolution 192. Now do you understand why no politician can change anything? They are employees of the Fed and can only act upon it’s wishes. The Fed is at the same time scared of the people because no Oligarchy (elite group in power) can control a population that refuses its’ control. More and more people are becoming first aware, and second defiant and demanding of their public servants and the true master (the Fed- or more correctly the Queen of England) whats rightfully theirs.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Are We Slaves In The Country That Promises Freedom?

“Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law; but in our system, which sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, Sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exist and acts.” _Supreme Court Decision, Woo Lee vs. Hopkins 118 U.S. 356

Today our government has usurped the power the constitution guaranteed it's citizens. Instead of being sovereign citizens obeying only common law we have 60 million statutes, ordinances and regulations that wouldn't apply to us under common law. Under common law, there is only one law-"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". The only Law is you can not injure your fellow man. There has to be a corpus delecti (a flesh and blood injured party and the act showing you injured him). No building codes, traffic tickets, Child Protection Services, NO enforcement of victimless crimes. Other than for disturbing the "peace", a peace officer (not an enforcement officer) can't detain you.
Of course with this comes complete responsibility for yourself. No disability insurance, retirement on social security, etc. However you would have quite a bit more money since you wouldn't have to pay income taxes, property taxes, sales tax, etc. The only taxes allowed under the constitution are excise and duty taxes like alcohol, gas, cigarette, and other "luxury" taxes. You can grow your own tobacco to smoke or make your own beer or ride a bicycle or pay the tax to buy those things but anything that is necessary for life can't be taxed.
This is the sovereignty movement. You have to know your rights, and demand your rights because if you remain silent, you LOSE your rights. As a sovereign you can always choose to enjoy any benefits offered like Social Security, a driver's license, etc., remember YOU are declaring the law for yourself.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The characteristics of Man

I find it interesting to consider how man currently socializes in society. Lets consider government as to me this is the main stumbling block to completely free expression. In the link "the different forms of government" in the political link section it explains the most amount of freedom exists in a republic. I believe all of mankind wishes to be free to follow their desires but limits have to be put on that freedom in cases where it conflicts with others lives. We have become subserviant to our government on an almost wordwide basis.
What about other species? When we watch dogs run together in packs, it is still voluntary isn't it? No lead dog has food (taxes) laid at it's feet by the others. No police dogs threaten the other dogs. Each dog is free to do as he/she sees fit. What about birds? Is there a bird leader who tells the bird police to not allow individual birds to fly in restricted areas, restrict their feeding areas, etc.? I know ants and bees have assigned jobs in their communities but do we as humans want to emulate insects?
Personally I find it interesting that so many adults I talk to think that their own enslavement to a government is 1. nonexistant, and 2. they don't mind it. I point out the Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation and prints money from thin air unconstitutionally (see the credit river decision link) and is the beneficiary of all their illegally aquired IRS tax monies and they believe erroneously that thier tax money is returned to them thru entitlements (like social security, or highways, etc.). I would think that any man would realize that sending 1/3 of their paycheck hurts their ambitions towards life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness. Sadly they will continue in the belief that they are not lied to by the mainstream media, even though anyone can find endless examples of it, and will choose to believe in the propaganda that is put forth rather than consider a friend, who has never lied to them, would be telling the truth. Why do we choose talking heads on television over people we actually know? We should all try to make each others lives better instead of only considering OUR group, and those OTHER guys don't count.