Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Learn the Law

I am offering a 5 DVD and 1 CD-ROM package for those interested in studying the issues of Sovereignty, Common Law, the U.S. Constitution, the current MONETARY state of affairs, and how to put a defense or offense on in the current Court System. While this is somewhat California specific, there is a lot of information that applies no matter where you are, and even what country live in. I encourage everyone out there to gather in groups locally and study the laws pertaining to their local area, as you will find there is plenty of information that protects the people against the abuse of authority by the Government. Unfortunately if you believe most of what you hear and see on the Media today, it may be disturbing to start investigating the information I present. A lot of what I present in this package is available [free] on my you-tube channel. I have redone and improved the how to proceed in court videos. What isn't available is the approximately 650 MB's of information on the CD-ROM that has all of what I use in the way of court case cites and areas of interest, I enter into my court cases. There is paperwork examples I have filed into court cases to study. I can't present that information easily on the net as far as I can tell. The DVD s have about 8 hours each in compressed format [the quality is slightly less than 'excellent' but you get a lot more information]. I will mail this packaged set with a pocket U.S. Constitution to you for a 'donation' of 2 ounces of silver [or it's equivalent value in FRN's (federal reserve notes) to purchase silver] and receipt of this information, which is not 'legal advice' as far as I know, as I am not a 'licensed' attorney and therefore have no knowledge of what 'legal advice' is (I am a law researcher), will be stipulation to not sue me or anyone connected with this information for any reason, and the same applies to anyone you give this information to. I have not found many sources that provide information to help someone understand the process that occurs in the courts today and because of this the people are at the mercy of the attorneys and the court system. They routinely receive judgments against them because they are unaware of how to defend themselves, what the law actually is [which is seldom what you are charged with] and even if you do get an attorney, the attorney is beholden to the court [through oath] and seldom uses every defense available to the individual and will never challenge the authority of the court officers. The DVD's have: DVD#1;[Status Disc] (1.) Status: Sovereign or Slave, 2.) Republican Form of Government, (3) US Constitution, (4) John Harris- Illusions (5) Redemption/Strawman, (6) World we Live In, (7) Smedley Butler portrayal, (8) Story of Enslavement,(9) US is a Corp,(10) Kymatica, (11) Edwin Viera, (12) Expatriation, (13) FAQ's,(14) Consequences, (15) Dog$, (16) Just-Us. DVD #2, Bill T. 'Show Me the Law [IRS] approx. 9 hours. DVD # 3, Carl Miller (approx. 5 hours). CD ROM> 'Law Genie', Approx. 450MB's of reading material and court cites to build court documents with, such as example filings. This is what I use for my Court docs. DVD #4, [Money Disc] (1.) Zietgiest, (2.) American Dream, (3) Foreclosure , (4) Foreclosure 2, (5) Foreclosure Securitization, (6) Money Matrix (7) IRS explored, (8) Freedom to Fascism, (9) Manage your Money. DVD #5 [Law Disc]; (1) Beat your ticket, (2) Courts are not the Government, (3) Be your own lawyer, (4) Statutory Pleading, (5) Common Law Pleading, (6) Enforcement Liens, (7) Using Law Genie,(8) Corrupt LA judges,(9) Court Role Play, (10) Court Case won, (11) gathering evidence. So about 40 hours of various video and plenty of stuff to read on the CD. As far as I know, none of this information is copyrighted as everything listed is available for free (other than some of my shows) on the internet, and it is not my intention to distribute it for profit just to allow people to witness it without having to look all over for it. My productions are: All Rights Reserved, re: Common law copyright. The donation is for my CD Rom of research and collection of information. For more information contact me @:


  1. Thank you for being here and AMPLIFYING the global dialogue of freedom and peace.

    Provide me a reference I can research if I am wrong in thinking that a A4V for home mortgage set-off will work even if you have not created a UCC-1?
    I'm currently in private administration proceedings with my home mortgage and it is a convoluted process for me due to the bank's failure to respond. But that failure on their part gives me great incentive and hope that indeed I will prevail with truth and honor shining the way forward. I have no desire to use the A4V method unless it becomes necessary but I still want to fully comprehend both the legal process and legal reasoning should I later decide to use it.

  2. I appreciate all your work and the DVD set. I received them the other day and I'm really enjoy learning the law.

    I've seen a lot of other material out there regarding these topics, this is one of the best collections by far.

  3. Can you please tell me what 2 oz.s of silver is? I am almost dead, I have been to court over 50 times in the past year & my animals have been taken from me & EVERYTHING I have filed has been ignored, & I have already pled/contracted with these people, all I want is for this to end & to get my animals back. I don't mean I almost dead in the 3rd person or figuratively I mean I weigh 103lbs (27lbs underweight)& I feel like I am going to have another stroke or may have already had one. Please contact me at I am willing to give whatever I have to get my animals back.

  4. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE for me fighting against fraudforeclosure. I need to file the "counterclaim" you show us on your video "Foreclosure Freedom Part 1" but the Scribd signup kept failing for me so I cannot download your forms! Please email me this or let me know how I can get them. I can try another computer later, but also wanted to report that Facebook signin kept kicking me back out, and I do have a FB account. thanks: Renee

  5. So where's the 5dvd's?!!!!

    1. how do you get the dvd's that you offer

    2. Instructions are at the bottom of the article. Email is

      I will then send you instructions

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing all of the information that you've found. I am really learning a lot watching your videos. I would like to purchase your video pkg offered above.
    Also, I am sending a response to a letter I received from the IRS, but the strangest thing is I can't find a real person to send it to, even the new IRS Commission. I called the IRS and those helpful people said they couldn't give out any names or their mailing addresses. hummmm... So I was wondering if you have during your researching travel, run across a good address for the IRS? Or could point me in the right direction?
    Thanks again,
    Wendy from Sonoma, California