Friday, October 30, 2009

The Law and how to use it to keep your public servants honest.
First always sign "under duress" or "without prejudice" above your signature and By: to the left of your signature. 'Under duress' voids your signature, Without Prejudice reserves your rights and the UCC states just requesting to sign with a qualifier attached to your signature is enough to retain that qualification. Putting By: separates any liability from the signer to anything stated above in the writing. Next realize that a maxim of law states "an unrebutted affidavit stands as truth". This is a very powerful tool to use in court. An affidavit is your declaration of events or ideas about things that is Notarized in the form of a JURAT, or witnessed by 3 men of good standing. I'd go with the Notary for better effect. To see an example of an Affidavit or other Lawful forms see AndyJackson | Scribd.
If you send in an affidavit and they refuse to respond to it in the specified time, say 14 calendar days with a written rebuttal to your points, signed by a man/woman, they can loose the right to rebut these points in the future. Next, after they fail to rebut your points, you send in a Notice of Default. This is docmument number 2. They fail to respond and who looks bad in court. How do they deny they recieved 2 documents and didn't respond to either one? This is the exact technique used by the IRS against the People. Dear Taxpayer.... right off they are calling you a taxpayer, did you rebut their presumption that you are indeed a 'taxpayer'? I would ask them to show the factual evidence to support their assertion that you are a 'taxpayer', that you owe any money to them, that they have jurisdiction over you, etc. If you send them an affidavit stating you are not a taxpayer, an employee of the corporation doing business as UNITED STATES, but are a flesh and Blood man/woman of the Republic of [Your State- they are all Republics]. Now if they fail to rebut your statements they loose. Study the Common Law. It is the Law referred to in the Constitution when just Law is stated. Common Law is very easy to remember it is only 1 (one) law: "don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you". If you injure your fellow countryman you will have to answer for it. You can't injure the STATE. The STATE is a corporation, a corporation doesnt have any hands to sign, or eyes to see, it is a fictional entity in the minds of people but is not a reality of substance.
Documentation is everything in court. After a telephone conversation always send a letter noting what was said in the conversation and date it. The other side will rarely dispute your letter but monthes later in court their rebuttal will be ineffectual when you bring forth your letter to them and they didn't dispute in a letter of their own.
Next you only win if your evidence is locked up tight. Always send important documents with a 'Proof of Service', by Certified or Registered Mail. That way you have a 'witness' who can testify in court they put those documents into an envelope and mailed them. You have the Post Office, which no attorney will ever question, stating they delivered the documents at 11.14 am on tuesday morning (for example). If you don't make your case airtight they will lie, cheat and work against you anyway they can. Make copies of everything you send, and if going to court bring a 3 copies of everything, that have been file stamped by the clerk (showing you entered them into the record) to give to the judge who may 'lose' them, and the Prosecutor who may claim he never got them either.

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